Alison has been great, helping my 9 yrs old understand her worries. We have been able to loan resources to try each week. Friendly and really connects with the girls. Highly recommended.  Vicki Clarke

F. has enjoyed the sessions and he seems much calmer and settled and this has had an impact both at home and at school. Alison has been amazing and we are sad that the sessions have ended although I know that we can always contact her for more sessions. Thank you so much for all your time, help, support and patience. You have been amazing, we will miss you. Hannah

Really useful experience. S. is more able to self-regulate and it has been super useful to be able to quote things that if it were me saying he would have ignored, but being able to say, ‘What would Alison say?’ Still more work to be done but much better and on track. Sarah

I give Alison a million out of  5. I don’t have a favourite part because it was all so great. I felt like I had no worries in the whole entire world when I did Reiki and meditations. Albert

Alison made both my son and I feel very at ease during her sessions. I found her advice and guidance especially supportive when continuing the methods at home. Alison made us so much more aware of the huge benefits of meditations and self-calming. Dawn