Rose Quartz – Healing and Meditation

Holding this beautiful rose coloured crystal will bring love to you. It will help you feel love for yourself and for your friends, family and pets. It will also help you to feel love for the world around you, for nature. It really is a wonderful crystal, perfect for this time of year when spring is just starting. Rose quartz brings us positive feelings and hope for better times ahead. It is extremely nurturing and comforting feeling like a warm hug.

If your mind has been really busy lately and you find it hard to switch off the worrying or negative thoughts that keep circling your brain like a windmill in your mind, or you have felt disappointed about something, then holding a rose quartz whilst doing the visualisation below will let the sunshine in, slow down the windmill, allowing positive thoughts and feelings to flow in.
How to bring this crystals wonderful, sparkling energy into your life? Simply follow these steps whilst either sitting in nature, listening to some calm music or sitting quietly somewhere, like on your bed, looking out of the window and feel the light beam on your face.
• Hold the rose quartz in your hands, in your lap
• Take 5 deep, slow breaths in and out. In through the nose and out through the mouth
• Imaging yourself sitting in a bubble of protection
• Fill that bubble full of rose pink colour
• Breathe in the rose pink colour filling your lungs and then with each breath send it around your body to the top of your head, tips of your toes, your fingertips, around your tummy, up and down your arms and legs, up the spine and lastly to your heart
• See your heart as a beautiful pink rose flower with delicate pink petals and shimmering like glitter
• Know that you are loved, you feel love for others and nature, you sense happiness and peace
• Take one last breath in and as you breath slowly out, wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes
Affirmation: Say to yourself, “I am loved, I am happy, I have positive thoughts”


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