A miracle of hope



Everyone deserves to feel happy, to feel at peace and to know love. Unfortunately not every child has this luxury, thousands of children around the world are living in fear. Fear of war, abandonment, huger, violence, abuse or are trapped in their own mental health. The world is a difficult place to live in, although this is not a recent acknowledgement, it has been happing for centuries in all cultures. To think of the vast inconsistencies in childhood makes me sad, but I wanted to say that although we can’t help all children who are struggling we can offer those around us a little miracle of hope. A warm smile, a listening ear or a hug can sometimes make all the difference in a day – not long term obviously but a ray of hope which suggests that miracles can happen.

“Where hope grows, miracles blossom.”  Elna Rae

Hope means to trust and to trust we must be able to hope, hope for peace, love, security and that the difficult times will soon pass. To have hope and to feel love often means that we have experienced the darker emotion of fear, however hope, happiness and love are stronger and more powerful. Luckily there are many charities and organisations which support and protect vulnerable children, but we can do our bit too.

Some crystals to help our own children to attract Hope and Happiness:

Hope – amonzonite, blue lace agate, citrine, celestite, moonstone

Happiness – rose quartz, cherry quartz, green aventerine, amethyst, carnelian, goldstone, sunstone


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