A Taste of Spring


Homemade Lavender Lemonade

I was very excited this morning to make this wonderful, refreshing drink which claims to be an antidepressant, a detoxifier, be antiseptic and have sedative properties. Brilliant.
I got out my ingredients and in typical fashion (not the Virgo side of me at all), I have to substitute ingredients. I haven’t the 6 lemons but I do have 2 and surely 3 limes will counteract that and the runny honey steps up perfectly to his ‘raw’ honey cousin. I follow the recipe – loving the ‘cups’ measurements, this is excellent (no need for scales) and rather bringing the water to the boil, I use the kettle to save time. Leaving the honey, water and lavender to steep made my kitchen smell wonderful, no need for incense this morning. I smile to myself thinking that I must have been a bee in a former life as lavender is my favourite scent and I’ve been busy making healthy-ish flapjacks after cleaning the house from top to bottom.
After the recommended 20 minute steep and strain, I poured the rest of the water and lemon/lime juice into the pan, then glass jug to cool happy that it was actually very easy to make. But it looks completely different – pink, surely that’s not the limes fault? Anyway it looks and smell delightful and as soon as I sipped some of the nectar my taste buds exploded, it tasted … well surprising! I’m not 100% sure but after the whole glass I decided that it was extremely virtuous and that is good enough for me.

Only one of my boys was brave enough to try it, ‘It’s sweet, but ok,’ he replied. That’s a good verdict and I’m sure he will spend the rest of the day, calm, relaxed, happy, and when the time comes, he will sleep well. Now to get the second eldest to take a sip, may cure his horrible ulcers.

So although not lavender in colour, very sweet and amazingly pungent, it was success and I think I will make it again (with less honey and more water). My eldest has even asked for another glass.

Off to cut the grass in the surprising but remarkable sunshine knowing that I have a refreshing cool lemonade to quench my thirst.

Enjoy the weekend.


Find the original article and recipe from Healthy-Holistic-Living.com (How to make lavender lemonade to help relieve headaches and anxiety)

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