The Power of Joy


To find happiness you must first look within.

Spend a few moments to consider what your life’s purpose is. What is it that you desire? Deep questions – yes, but questions that many people ask of themselves and a question that worries more people than you realise. To not know who you are, where you fit in or how you make a difference in the world is natural as we all want to feel connected, grounded and loved.
One way to explore these questions is to go within, listen to our hearts and notice what makes us elated, smile, increases our energy levels or causes excitement. What do you daydream about? What aspects of your relationships brings enormous joy, look at your hobbies, an indication of how you enjoy spending your free time is a vital clue, and see if there is a pattern or a common theme.
Many children have wonderful, creative dreams about what they want to be when they grow up, I always wanted to be a teacher however some agonise over this and many still don’t know as they enter adulthood. But this isn’t really about what you want to be, the purpose of this is to understand yourself. To feel happy in your own skin and to accept and be happy with who you are.
Devoting time to the things which bring us pleasure will allow our hearts to sing and our minds to calm. You will feel elated by the time and energy you invest in yourself. Children need this time too, their lives are full of commitments that we place on them. School is a legal requirement, homework has to be completed, meal times are when we have cooked it, they accompany us whilst we shop, run errands or wait for their siblings to finish their clubs, bed time is decided and I’m sure there are many more examples. Children do have down time of course but often their idea of ‘fun’ time is a screen. Are they really creative anymore? – I have to point this out to my two eldest children. It’s sad but I feel sometimes that our children have forgotten how to be free, how to be spontaneous and are losing their childhood innocence to an ‘adults’ way of living, growing up too fast. How can they find out who they are if they don’t have time to spend with themselves?
Joy reminds us that we are not suffering and finding out who we are and what makes us happy brings us joy, healing and a sense of connectedness. We can heal through the power of joy. By letting go of our fears or restrictive thinking we are opening ourselves up to the miracles of healing and helping us find joy inside.
So spend some time investing in yourself, encourage your children to play creatively, meditate, meditate together, enjoy a walking meditation, have a healing session or enjoy hobbies that expands the creative brain that stimulates the production of endorphins. Connect to yourself, be true to yourself and know that whatever you do, you will make a difference to somebody, bring love to someone and be loved by a very special person/people. If we are true to ourselves then we can’t go wrong. This is the healing power of joy.

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