Tips for a Peaceful Christmas


It is here, Christmas is here!

Houses are lit up, favourite songs and movies are playing, children are practising Nativity plays and carols, advent calendars doors are surprising children with pictures and chocolates and children (well everyone) are getting really excited.
However, all this excitement can mean one thing –over excitement which brings stress, anxiety and the possibility of a meltdown. Not very festive.
With my years of experience (many stories!), and many of you reading this will have notched up more than me, I have put together some useful tip for helping children get through this wonderful time of the year, peacefully.
Firstly, the Christmas build up is full of anticipation and expectation. As they begin to write their letters to Santa, children will often ask or the ridiculous (mine was always a dog or a Mr Frosty), what they feel their friends may be getting, or they may go into a panic because they have no idea what to ask for, the task of selection and choice is far too vast and anxiety creeps in.
Tip 1
Share the task together. Guiding your child toward interests they enjoy, things they need and at a budget you can afford will reduce their choice. Along the way you can justify your reasons why some of their choices are unreasonable. Give children a limit too, ask them to narrow their original selection to just 3 or 4 things. This way, you can control the budget and save some of their wishes for relatives or friends to give them. Another important conversation I feel is worth having, and I do with my children, is to help them understand about the nature of giving and receiving and helping them to understand the meaning of Christmas. Too many children around the world will not be experiencing Christmas in the way we do unfortunately.
Naughty or nice? We have all done it, we have all said something like, ”If you don’t go to sleep/do your homework/play nicely etc, then Father Christmas won’t come.” Or “Father Christmas’ elves are watching and if you are naughty, then they will tell Father Christmas.” I want you to consider instead, why is your child/children acting the way they are? Look at the reasons why they are acting in the way they are. In my experience there is always something going on beneath the surface and their behaviour is how they respond and express their emotions.
Children will have many questions about Christmas like, ‘How will Father Christmas get into the house?’ ‘Did Father Christmas get my letter?’ ‘Will Santa come if I am not asleep?’ and many more. Some of these may turn into a worry, what about the fact that a stranger will be coming into their safe bedroom whilst they are fast asleep and vulnerable.
Tip 2
Try having a conversation about Christmas and ask your child/children to write down all their worries or questions and place them into a ‘Worry Jar.’ Each day you can take out a worry and discuss the outcome, putting their mind at ease or planning an alternative so that they feel comfortable. For example, we hang our stockings outside the bedroom door so Father Christmas doesn’t come into the room.
Many children (and adults) find Christmas overwhelming with all the noises, smells, crowded houses, people, full on agendas and sugar. Some children find all this difficult to process, particularly if they have a sensory processing disorder, ASD or other such neurological disorders which mean that their brains find it hard to integrate certain information received by the body’s sensory system.
Tip 3
Keep a bag of calm close by filled with all their calming down tools from noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blanket, fidget toys, chewies, calming music, putty with essential oil, essential oils to crystals etc. Making sure your child has a safe space or time out place so they can ground themselves away from the hustle and bustle. Try to plan ahead and remember to keep routines in place as much as possible. Children like routines and feel safe within them as they are their structure, their norm and although they like to push the boundaries, without them they lose self-control and get confused as to what is expected of them.

A Quick Guide

Each emotion includes which crystal and essential oil will help, a relaxation/meditation/
mindfulness activity, and a healing affirmation


Sensory Overload

Hematite, Smoky Quartz

Lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, geranium, neroli

Stroke your body with a soft feather, feeling the gentle relaxation of your muscles and calming your senses.

Surround yourself in a bubble filled with your favourite colour I am safe, I am loved. This feeling will soon pass.
Tiredness (too excited to sleep)

fire agate, carnelian, red crystals to give you energy OR amethyst, rose quartz, blue lace agate for peaceful sleep

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, black pepper or citrus oils – pick me up OR
Lavender, chamomile, Cedarwood for restful sleep

Visualise yourself on a fluffy white cloud, comfortable, relaxing and silence all around. Breathe in and out for a count of 5, 10 times.

Place some rose quartz or amethyst under your pillow for a restful sleep I am awake and ready to interact. Restful sleep welcomes me.

Calming Environment

Blue Lace Agate

Wild orange, mandarin, Frankincense

Family mindfulness walk outside, observing all the senses in nature.

Hold your crystal over your heart and breathe deeply I am calm, relaxed and happy.



Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, myrrh,

Observe where in your body you are feeling your anger, then move it up into your lungs and breathe it out into a bubble gum bubble. When it is all released inside the bubble, take it out, stick it together and allow the wind to take it away.

Breathe all your unwanted emotions into your crystal I release my anger in a positive way. My anger feelings will pass.


Green Aventurine

Vetiver, Ylang Ylang

Take your mind off your fears and worries by doing something creative, energetic or simply lose yourself in music or a good book.

Breathe in and out slowly 5 times. I am in control of my thoughts. I am calm.

Grief – missing someone or pet

Ruby Quartz, rhodonite

Bergamot, jasmine, jasmine

Imagine you are sitting on a rock on the beach, facing the sea. There is space for someone else on your rock too. Invite them to sit with you. Tell them how you are feeling, all the things you wish to say, hug them and know that they are always with you, loving and listening to you.

See a rainbow in your mind connecting you to your loved one. I can hold on to the love and let go of the grief.



Clary Sage, Rose, bergamot, frankincense

Imagine you are standing in a park, there are many people there. Some you know, others you don’t know. They can see your beautiful soul glowing and one by one they come closer to be with you. Imagine you are now completely surrounded by people who like, love, trust, believe in you. Know that you are special, just as you are.

Visualise being a good friend and having good friends around you. I am never alone in my heart. This loneliness feeling will pass.

I have included some ways to minimise grief and sadness because Christmas is that special time of year when we think about our loved ones. It isn’t just adults who feel sad, but our children too. Often children seem to have processed their grief quickly as they play and carry on with life, but below the surface their emotions are just as raw, particularly if the person they are missing are a mum or dad, sibling, grandparent or family pet. Talking about special memories, remembering funny times and continuing traditions are wonderful ways of keeping their love alive and opening up to communication. Remember, it is ok to be sad as it is a natural, healthy emotion and part of the grieving process. I will be remembering my lovely Dad and mother-in-law this Christmas along with fabulous memories of my grandparents, who I always light a candle for and send out loving thoughts. I also spend some moments thanking them for helping me from Heaven throughout the year. I know they look over me.
Christmas is a time for love, reflection and gratitude. During the lead up to Christmas, say what you feel grateful for, say it aloud to yourself and then sit with the feelings of love and happiness and visualise your heart filling up with abundance.

Happy Christmas, hope it is filled with peace, laughter, love and beautiful family memories.




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