Half Term Mindfulness


Always trying to find new ideas to stay calm, grounded and creative, I have come up with 15 mindful activities you may wish to try this half term, especially as the weather looks set to be wet.
Mindful gives your child invaluable skills, helping them to develop, regulate and control their emotions. Mindfulness isn’t just about being quiet or still, it is being able to focus on the present moment, being calm and peaceful whilst enjoying yourself. You can learn a great deal about yourself when you stop racing around and allowing thoughts to bombard your mind.
Make a glitter jar – once you have made them you can shake it and watch the glitter settle
Mindful Jenga – write some commands on the wood which the person has to follow if they successfully pull it out eg name something red, take 3 long breaths in and out, name something you can hear, choose a yoga pose to hold for 5 breaths etc
Weaving or beading
Mindful breaths (5-4-3-2-1-) – breathe in for 5, out for 5. Breathe in for 4, out for 4 etc
Write some compliments on post-it notes and give them to the relevant people
Create your own yoga flow
Make your own emotion cards – you can include colour, flowers, weather, nature or crystals too (be your most imaginative yet!)
Create your own board game
Design a crystal collage (see my picture I did with my son)
Cook with fresh herbs
Make an essential oil spray – ask an adult to check the essential oil you have chosen is safe for children to use
Listen to music whilst breathing deeply
Crystal healing – choose several crystals that you are drawn to and place them on your body, again wherever you are drawn to place them and then relax for 5-10 mins
Go outdoors in nature or bring nature indoors and find as many natural objects you can eg shells, pine cones, pebbles. Hold each one and using your senses, describe them
Listen to a guided meditation

Have fun and please share your pictures on my Calmer Kids FB page.

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