Strategies to help you and your children to cope with anxiety


1. Become aware of your negative feelings and emotions. Pay attention to how your body changes physically – heart rate increases, sweating, crying, upset tummies, anger, frustration etc
Noticing these emotions and body responses early will help you to address your anxiety and begin dealing with it.
2. Practise saying ‘STOP’ to your negative thoughts that swim around and around your head. You can simply stay the words STOP, visualising a red circle with a line through it, a traffic light with a red light or a hand in a stop position. Try visualising a train track and the barrier coming down stopping the train. Or see a dam in your mind stopping the flow of water. Maybe you can come up with one of your own.
3. Encourage positive thoughts, paying attention to the good things that are happening around you. Make a Gratitude diary, listing all the people, situations, things and nature that bring you happiness which you are thankful for. Affirming what you are grateful for will help cement them to the Universe and strengthens them.
4. Use positive affirmations, telling yourself something encouraging, affirming the things that you are and what you are good at. Exercising ‘Positive Self-Talk’ is a brilliant way of telling yourself, YOU CAN and YOU ARE. The more we affirm, the more our sub-consciousness listens and the more we BELIEVE.
5. Use visualisation. Imagine yourself in a positive situation. See yourself happy, secure, safe, healthy etc. Again, believing is being. We are changing our mindsets.
6. Ask yourself ‘What would you advise a friend in the same situation. What positive tips would you give them?’
7. Breathe – slow, deep, rhythmic breathing at least 5-10 minutes will help you calm and allow your anxiety to pass enough for you to begin to

Try these 7 tips, adapt them to suit your familyand you will be amazed at how you can begin to train your mind and your thoughts to be more positive and less anxious.

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